What Does Having a Green Aura Mean? Relationships, Career, and More.

What is the Aura?

The aura is an invisible energetic field that surrounds our physical bodies.  When you break down all matter on the physical realm, you ultimately land on energy being the source holding everything together.  The aura is round in nature or even egg shaped depending on the individual, this can also depend on if they are standing or sitting. 

The aura can change colors throughout the day, the week, or even within minutes. Although some people do regularly stay within certain colors, and hardly change. Just how we are all unique and different, so are our auras!  Oftentimes we have more than one color with our aura field, but usually there is a dominant color that stands out the most.

The energy of the aura can be seen visually or interpreted through intuition, though not all psychics can see auras. Holly Huntty is a practicing psychic and an artist that specializes in seeing and breaking down the aura of each individual person. She has done over 200 detailed aura paintings, and has applied her detailed knowledge of spirituality to these articles.

In this article we will be uncovering the magic of the green aura. What it means in love, career, and more.

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Important Note:

First before jumping into this article, I want you to take a moment and think of what you associate the color green with in your own life.  Your own personal interpretation can lead you to deeper insight, as to what this aura color means for you. Memories with green in it, green plants, etc. 

I would also like to mention that it is incredibly important that you only take with you what resonates, and leave what does not.

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-Different Shades of Green-

Light Green Aura: Light green aura individuals can feel a bit off kilter at times in their lives, this color normally appears in someone's aura who is not in full alignment with the things going on around them. Perhaps it is a job situation, or not feeling totally loved by your partner. Whatever it is, it's very important to take some time to meditate and practice releasing any and all tension in relationships. This will help level things out. It is also incredibly important at this time to allow yourself to communicate your needs, know that the universe has got your back and as you get into a deeper alignment with self, the universe will follow.

Acid Green Aura: An acidic green aura individual can be very intense and quite vibrant. The yellow from the solar plexus, known as the "doing chakra" and the green from the heart chakra, makes this individual very action oriented with their heart in mind. Acid green auras can at time feel that those around them are hypocritical and they have a drive to be more loving than those they grew up around. This aura is often seen with activists, humanitarians, athletes, in particular runners. These people often find themselves energized and ready to go for the day. Acid reflux can however be an issue for these individuals if they don't balance this energy properly.

Bright Green Aura: Bright green individuals often have a spark for life, they are vivacious and playful. There is an irritable intensity about these individuals. Some may have past lives as witches. if this is your aura then you have a natural connection to nature and plant medicine. Regularly spending time outside with your bare feet in the grass would benefit you greatly. In meditations focusing on your heart and its magnetic energy, while picturing the things you desire in life can help you with your manifestations. As far as career for this aura color, you may find yourself in careers that either get you outside, or offer you the opportunity to be playful and joyful. 

Emerald Aura: These individuals are very rare, they are wise beyond their years and often intuitively follow their hearts guidance.  Often knowing things before they happen. These individuals are very kind and loving, but also know exactly when others are out of balance. They direct their energy to those they care about most, these individuals are great care takers, mystics, and parents. They may even have some of the mystical attributes of the emerald, I encourage these individuals to look up more about the mystical attributes of the emerald gem stone. 

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Forest Green Aura: People with this aura tend to be a bit mysterious. They often have a misunderstood vibe to them, the people often have rockstar vibes. This normally stems from feeling misunderstood at a young age.  These individuals have more influence over those around them than they are aware of. At times people with this aura can be a bit introverted, seeking out their own company versus the company of others. Careers for these individuals can be forest rangers, musicians, librarians, gardeners, gamers, and more.  The key being that the career brings emotional comfort, or fulfills a desire.

Teal Aura: Individuals with this aura color are creative, playful, intuitive, and have a childlike sense of wonder about them.  People with this aura tend to find themselves as artists, actors, singers, musicians, and really anything that brings them joy. People with this aura have to be careful not to get too distracted by the shiny object syndrome, aka chasing the next new fun project before feeling happy with the one they were on.  Though with some of that being said, it's more of a matter of thinking just a little bit before making the jump to the next thing. People with this aura tend to be naturally lucky.

Black/Green Aura: Often when black is seen in an aura it means that there is a shadow aspect needing to be explored and healed. Green correlates to the heart chakra, and often when black shows up with green it indicates a block in this area. Sitting down and meditating on this can be beneficial to helping you clear this energy. Imagine yourself as a young child, and you now as an adult, ask your child self about this energy and allow what ever answers to come through. Once you have understood the energy block, implement new ways of being that offer healing to this energy.


Green Aura People in Relationships...

Individuals with this aura have to be careful that they don't cary the whole relationship, give and take is incredibly important. With out that dynamic green aura individuals can find themselves feeling wounded in love, and unwilling to find another partner. Individuals with this aura are more then capable of taking care of themselves and being incredibly independent, though they ultimately desire a matched energy connection. Individuals with this aura are warned however not to place all their love energy in one basket, as this often puts a lot of pressure on their partners. It is important to find love in pets, family, friends, plants, hobbies etc. 

If this is your aura color, it is incredibly important that you aim your amazing heart focused energy on yourself first and foremost. From there then focusing on the things that you can love unconditionally, dogs, cats, plants, w.e. Then career, and then significant others/family/friends. If you are not centered before you begin to give away your amazing energy you will find yourself depleted and sometimes irrationally angry.


Career Energy for People with Green Auras...

Green aura individuals are fantastic in lots of different careers, though they often thrive only when their heart is in it to win it. People with this aura tend to feel more fulfilled by their hobbies, but some are able to make money off of their hobbies/talents.  Individuals with this aura color do well when communing with nature, and often have a natural ability to psychically speak with plants and animals. Some suitable careers; gardener, forest ranger, travel guide, music producer, tattoo artist, healer, vet, ranch hand, etc.