What Does Having an Orange Aura Mean? Relationships, Career, and More.

 What is the Aura?

The aura is an invisible energetic field that surrounds our physical bodies.  When you break down all matter on the physical realm, you ultimately land on energy being the source holding everything together.  The aura is round in nature or even egg shaped depending on the individual, this can also depend on if they are standing or sitting. 

The aura can change colors throughout the day, the week, or even within minutes. Although some people do regularly stay within certain colors, and hardly change. Just how we are all unique and different, so are our auras!  Oftentimes we have more than one color with our aura field, but usually there is a dominant color that stands out the most.

The energy of the aura can be seen visually or interpreted through intuition, though not all psychics can see auras. Holly Huntty is a practicing psychic and an artist that specializes in seeing and breaking down the aura of each individual person. She has done over 200 detailed aura paintings, and has applied her detailed knowledge of spirituality to these articles.

In this article we will be uncovering the magic of the orange aura. What it means in love, career, and more.

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Important Note:

First before jumping into this article, I want you to take a moment and think of what you associate the color orange with in your own life.  Your own personal interpretation can lead you to deeper insight, as to what this aura color means for you. Memories with orange in it, orange fruit, flowers, etc. 

I would also like to mention that it is incredibly important that you only take with you what resonates, and leave what does not.

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What Does Having an Orange Aura Mean?

A well balanced orange aura indicates vitality, a creative person, a joy for life. Orange auras can be rare, and people with this aura often find themselves standing out from the crowd. Because of this people with this aura can often be aloof and introverted, unless they have a good friends group. In the right environment people with orange auras are the life of the party, and they can practically light up the entire room.

If you have an orange aura, you are very emotionally deep and often find yourself feeling a situation before it happens.  Pay attention to this, as not everyone has this ability, and when tended to properly, you can navigate your life with great ease. Following your gut, is literally the name of the game for people with an orange aura, as orange directly correlates to the sacral chakra also known as the emotional chakra.  


-Different Shades of Orange-

Bright Orange Aura: You are especially lucky during this time period, and are quite capable of manifesting things you desire with rapid speed! Take advantage of this.   You are a very creative and playful individual, with lots of energy to give to multiple projects or people. Make sure that you channel that energy into your goals by checking in with yourself every morning on what tasks will serve you best for the day, in order to accomplish these goals. Orange energy is very intuitive, and using this intuitive knowledge to navigate to your goals will get you there faster than the average mundane routine. Though some routines can be good, so you don't totally spiral out on some crazy adventure.

Pale Orange Aura: This color is pretty rare and usually something you are passing through. You are a daydreamer, wanting to view the world with rose colored glasses. Though some part of you currently feels disconnected from your reality, and maybe you feel a little washed out emotionally. It is really important that you listen to yourself and your intuition, because something needs to change in your reality in order for you to feel more grounded. You could be experiencing some emotional turmoil, or focusing on events that don't make you feel the best. Regain your focus on the things that do bring you joy, if you can't think of something right now then think of something from childhood that sparked joy. Examples of this can be your favorite stuffed animal, balloons, bike rides in the summer etc. Create a list in your head and whenever you are feeling washed away, run through the list until you feel an emotional shift.  Eventually you will find yourself feeling more grounded.

Peach: You are bubbly and fun, full of life and a great communicator.  You find yourself in the light of many parties and social events. This is a great power that you have, just be sure to take time to treat yourself. You are someone who prefers the finer things, and if you don't take the time to pamper yourself then you may find yourself emotionally stuck when it comes to your own projects.  Finding a  balance for your lively aspects, and the natural need to rest and recuperate will keep you on the road to the success you are ultimately seeking. 

Pumpkin Orange: You are very well balanced, aware of your needs and actions and how to get the things you desire in this lifetime. Journaling so that you can maintain focus will only help you on your road to victory. Be careful that you don't get too serious though, as this can throw you off path, leaving some room for surprises is essential so the universe can offer you your desires. Your intention mixed with a playful attitude can have wonderful results!

Burnt Orange Aura: A burnt orange aura can indicate that you are running your emotions or relationships a little too hard.  You might be feeling some level of emotional fatigue, and you are in need of a break. If you often find it difficult to give yourself time off, then it is recommended to sit down and journal anything and everything that you are experiencing, no judgment just write! This will allow you to clear your energy out, from there it is important to come up with a schedule that allows you to take down time every day. Taking time off is incredibly important, when burnt orange is seen it is often a sign of stress and fatigue.

Brownish Orange Aura: There is some old energy you have been carrying with you, and it is time to let this go. Not sure what it is? Take a couple deep breaths and think if there is a pattern you have been living out since an emotionally painful event happened in your life. Examples of this could be having an angry parent, so you never felt you could be your authentic self and because of this you find yourself tip toeing around still, even though that situation is no longer relevant. Normally when a brown orange shows up, there is some kind of upset energy that needs to be unpacked. When you find what this is, then ask yourself, "how can I begin a new pattern that serves me?" Maybe it is being more spontaneous, whatever it is, ground it playfulness. Playfulness is key to the evolutionary process and helps us overcome ourselves much more easily. Be patient with the new pattern and yourself as you begin implementing it and changing your way of being. Just like we don't expect newborn babies to ride bikes right out of the womb, we shouldn't expect ourselves to suddenly change habits within a day. Once you begin unpacking this energy you will find yourself stronger than ever. When we take our power back from trauma, we become even more aligned with ourselves and our purpose.


Orange Aura People in Relationships...

It is so important for people with orange auras to feel a deep connection with their partner.  If an orange aura individual finds themselves unhappy more often than not they will shut down, leave the relationship, or begin to find joy elsewhere. Communication and freedom of expression is key if your partner has an orange aura, learning their love languages and making sure you set time aside to prioritize this will really bring out the best in your orange aura partner.  

If you have an orange aura and are looking for love, taking time every night to meditate and sit with yourself is very important. Ask yourself, what emotional response does my ideal partner invoke for me? If they were in my life right now, how would I feel? How would I act? Sit in the emotion of having the connection that you desire, practice this every night for 15 minutes. This will bring your partner closer and closer into your life. If you are a fan of journaling then take some time to write down any insights you get while sitting in this space. Something to note is that it's important this exercise feels good, if it doesn't then I wouldn't suggest it for you as it will result in a manifestation that is contingent with that emotion. 


Career Energy for People with Orange Auras...

Though people with Orange auras can find themselves in lots of different careers, often creative industries are the most common. Orange aura individuals have great financial luck when they are in alignment  with their purpose. Passion drives most orange aura people's decisions, and as long as their career brings them emotional satisfaction, they will stick with it. In the off chance that an orange aura individual is in a career they don't enjoy, there is most likely an emotional disturbance driving the decision.  In this rare case, it is suggested to bring as much fun and joy into your life as possible regardless of career, and watch as a the work environment shifts, or you suddenly find a new job that matches your vibration.