The Rarest Aura Colors - What they mean, how they operate in Careers, and Relationships - Rainbow, Crystal, Clear, Indigo, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Copper, Tan, and White

What is the Aura?

The aura is an invisible energetic field that surrounds our physical bodies.  When you break down all matter on the physical realm, you ultimately land on energy being the source holding everything together.  The aura is round in nature or even egg shaped depending on the individual, this can also depend on if they are standing or sitting. 

The aura can change colors throughout the day, the week, or even within minutes. Although some people do regularly stay within certain colors, and hardly change. Just how we are all unique and different, so are our auras!  Oftentimes we have more than one color within our aura field, but usually there is a dominant color that stands out the most.

The energy of the aura can be seen visually or interpreted through intuition, though not all psychic/mediums can see auras. Holly Huntty is a practicing psychic and an artist that specializes in seeing and breaking down the aura of each individual person. She has done over 200 detailed aura paintings, and over 500 aura readings has applied her detailed knowledge of spirituality to these articles.


Colors listed in this article:
Rainbow, Crystal/pearl/iridescent, Clear, Indigo, Emerald, Gold, Silver, Copper, Tan, and White.

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FAQ About Rare Aura Colors

What is a rare aura? Why are these colors considered rare?
Holly defines an aura color as rare based on how often she sees it in readings, now doing well over 300 aura readings she has taken note of how often certain colors pop up more than others.

What key factors define a rare aura?
Each rare aura color aura is rare for different reasons, but oftentimes it correlates to a high level spiritual energy, or very unique expression of self. 

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What Makes a Rainbow Aura, a Rainbow Aura?
Some aura readers view rainbow auras as more than 3 to 4 colors in the aura field and though 4 colors is starting to get towards the high side it is not uncommon. Between 2 to 4 colors is average for most people. What defines a rainbow aura is having the full color spectrum, yes... The FULL color spectrum. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

About 1 in 600 adults have rainbow, and 1 in 100 children.

Types of Rainbow Auras

Rainbow auras are incredibly common in children, up until about 8 years old, this is because they are more fluid in their energetic expression. With adults the rainbow aura becomes rare, most of us start to "settle in to who we are" we begin to define ourselves in specific ways. Rainbow auras, as you may guess, are incredibly dynamic. These individuals have the full color spectrum of energy which means they are flexible, changing, and open to all of what life has to offer.

Now each rainbow aura is a bit different but usually there are 1 to 2 colors they work with most often. These colors can become their main aura colors over time, however most people who make it to adulthood as rainbows rarely lose their playful rainbow energy. Along these lines, some rainbow aura individuals will work in a specific color spectrum, like pale colors, vibrant colors, and on the VERY rare occasion, the deeper/darker tones.

Occasionally Holly will see someone with a small amount of rainbow on its own in the aura field, this is oftentimes the last stage of growing out of the rainbow aura. Their main color/colors may become more dominant and their rainbow energy is still intact but almost separate from the other colors. This oftentimes is a protective mechanism, as the rainbow energy is very welcoming and outgoing, if you've experienced discomfort being in that state you may start to adopt average colors to protect yourself.

Personality Traits of Rainbow
Rainbow aura individuals are very fun, outgoing, and oftentimes the life of the party. People naturally gravitate to those with rainbow auras since they have a natural "glow" about them. Because of the wide range of energetic diversity they are highly empathic and intuitive, however it can be very easy for rainbow aura individuals to get lost matching others energy around them. Oftentimes they feel other worldly, different, or a bit like people just don't totally get them. 

Career and Relationship
Because they are so dynamic, they can easily fill many different career fields but seem to be happiest working in creative fields such as art, music, theater, writing, and occasionally child care.

Rainbow Auras thrive in relationships, as long as they have a partner that is nurturing and outgoing, feeling like they have a "ground base" with their partner is key to rainbow auras feeling happy and comfortable in a relationship. Otherwise they may begin to feel restless and look for more playful and comforting opportunities. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty, click here.

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Crystal also known as Pearl/Iridescent 
What makes a Crystal Aura, a Crystal Aura
Crystal Auras are often seen as having some reflective qualities to them, they can often be mistaken as the rainbow aura because of this. However there is a layered effect to this aura, where at first you will notice the rainbow, but it is usually tinted slightly, almost blue/iridescent in nature.

1 in 300 people have crystal and 1 in 500 have a full crystal aura.

Types of Crystal Aura
Some crystal auras will have multiple reflective surfaces, like a crystal, or rather a bunch of semi clear/tinted mirrors around the outside of the aura field. Others will be more circular like a pearl, these individuals usually have an easier time understanding themselves and feel more comfortable having a crystal aura.

On rare occasions Holly has seen individuals with a small portion of crystal in their aura, that is not all encompassing. These individuals are capable of seeing others' energy and understanding it, but are less likely to take that energy on/reflect it back to the individual. Because of this they have an easier time feeling like they are understood and can express themselves freely.

Personality Traits of Crystal
Crystal aura individuals usually understand themselves and others very well, but they often feel unseen or lonely. The reflective quality is because of their strong and innate ability to understand others and reflect that energy back to them. Because of this, crystal aura individuals often feel unseen, misunderstood, and unloved.  This is because others can not really get to know the crystal aura unless they are highly empathic and intuitive.

Crystal auras often enjoy the simple pleasures, a walk in nature, the beauty of a flower, or a beloved pet. They are easy going, peaceful and tranquil. These individuals make everything and everyone around them feel loved, understood and grounded.

On occasion people may find the crystal aura individual irritating, mostly because the reflective aspect of their aura forces others to take a good hard look at themselves. Those with a crystal aura do well when they learn not to take this energy on, and trust that it is something within the other individual that has indeed triggered them to react/behave in such a manner. 

Crystal auras tend to have a natural fairy realm energy, and may feel connected to this energetic space.

Career and Relationship
Because of their ability to sense others' energy and reflect that back to them they make great therapists, healers, yoga teachers, and counselors. The crystal aura can be slightly introverted, making them great artists, writers, and poets as well.

In relationships the crystal aura creates a grounding energy for their partner, and brings a lot of joy and pleasure to the relationship. However they often feel unseen so they do well with partners who are also empathic and intuitive, capable of picking up on the minor shifts of the crystal aura that others are incapable of noticing. Purple and green aura individuals make great matches for crystal auras. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty,
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What Makes a Clear Aura, a Clear Aura
Clear auras are just as they sound... They are clear. It is INCREDIBLY rare to have a clear aura, however on occasion there are individuals who have a clear aura. Occasionally these individuals will fill the clear aura with a color to match the person they are around or near.

Around 1 in 600 people have clear, and 1 in 2000 have a full clear aura, making this aura color the rarest of them all.

Types of Clear Aura
Full clear aura, this is about as rare as it gets. These auras occasionally can become slightly foggy in nature, if the clear aura individual is out of alignment or feeling uncomfortable.

Partial clear aura, this is a bit more common, similar to the crystal aura individuals with a small amount of clearness often use it like a crystal ball, pulling in peoples energy around them in order to understand them better. Occasionally like the full clear aura the section of clear can become foggy if the clear aura individual is out of alignment or feeling uncomfortable.

Personality Traits of Clear
Clear aura individuals are a bit peculiar and can be hard to understand, almost changing like the tides, this is because they often pick up on other people's energy around them, but unlike the crystal aura they don't hold their own space while doing so. Instead others energy gets imprinted on those with a clear aura field. Oftentimes clear individuals feel a bit unsure of themselves and can find themselves often changing in their energy field. This is usually because they either have yet to feel a strong connection to aspects of themselves, or on occasion can be a trauma response. However clear auras can be powerful in their ability to adapt and flow in any situation.

For the most part they are shy, but outgoing when it comes to reciprocating other people's energy around them.

Career and Relationship
Career for clear aura is oftentimes a wild card, these individuals can really find themselves in any career field because of how adaptable they are. It is easier to note the careers that you wouldn't find a clear aura in, CEO, Military, Dentist, Doctor, (high intensity jobs).

Because clear auras are so adaptable they oftentimes will pick any partner with a strong energy, however they would do well to find someone who is emotionally and mentally grounded. Otherwise the clear aura will begin to get cloudy, and when that happens they start to feel uncomfortable, and can become depressed. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty,
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What Makes a Indigo Aura, a Indigo Aura
Indigo in the aura directly correlates to the third eye chakra, also known as the pineal gland. This chakra connects us to our abilities to physically perceive reality from a higher realm.

Indigo is rare, about 1 in 400 people have indigo.

Types of Indigo Aura
Indigo like any aura color can come in varying amounts in the aura field. However indigo regardless of how much you have is a very prominent energy and tends to stay with you for life.

Personality Traits of Indigo
Indigo auras are incredibly unique, they often have a spirit team that they came from and have the ability to connect with whenever needed. This energetic team is different than most, and is hyper focused on raising the vibration of this earth realm. Those who have indigo may see the world around them in a unique way, they do have natural talents when it comes to seeing auras, energy, and spirits. These individuals would do well honing their spiritual skills and learning how to shift the energy around them.

The energetic group that indigo comes from has a pact that about 60-80% of them will remain in the spirit realm to divinely guide those who incarnate. Those who incarnate do so in a very spread out energetic format and oftentimes won't meet another indigo in their lifetime. Because of this these individuals often can be kind of lonely/loaners. However they are divinely guided, and often experience a lot of unusual things around them. 

Career and Relationship
Career for indigo individuals often correlates to their intense energetic abilities. Because they can practically tune in to the unseen realms they tend to do well with careers that require that, art, music, videography, spiritual teachers, things along those lines tend to inspire indigo auras.

As mentioned above indigo aura individuals can be loaners, and oftentimes do not come in contact with those that can match their frequency. That's not to say that they are incapable of being in a relationship or finding love, but rather that a perfect match can be difficult for those with an indigo aura. However they do very well with those who have purple. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty,
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What Makes an Emerald Aura, an Emerald Aura
Green correlates to the heart chakra. How we get emerald is through a lot of energetic focus usually in many lifetimes of being in the heart chakra. However emerald auras tend to occur later in life, and tend to be more common in women.

About 1 in 100 people have Emerald, it is not the most rare, but it is still fairly uncommon.

Types of Emerald Aura
Just like any other aura color we do see variations of how much of this color the individual has in their aura field, emerald as a main aura color is incredibly rare and it is often seen as being in the lower 30% to 5% range. 

Personality Traits of Emerald
Emerald individuals are very heart centered, and tend to have an amazing warmth to them. They care deeply for their family, friends, pets and really anyone close to them in their lives. There is an inmate healing quality to their energy and to their presence. Emerald individuals often have an "old soul" energy about them, and are very peaceful.

These individuals would do well looking at the metaphysical properties of the stone emerald to get an ever better understanding of how this color works in the aura field, and what magical properties it holds.

Because some individuals have developed this aura color over many lifetimes, it can be helpful to do a past life regression. Which you can find in Holly Huntty's store - click here.

Career and Relationship
Emerald auras bring a lot of warmth to their career, and oftentimes find themselves in fulfilling roles, or creating fulfilling energy for those around them. Because emerald is a natural caretaker they do well in careers where they can care for others, nurses, daycare, teachers, etc. However they thrive in really any environment that gives them the chance to be loving.

Relationships are often very fulfilling for those with emerald as they have an innate ability to pick easy going and loving partners. However they may at times feel like they give more than they receive. It is good for emerald aura individuals to ensure they take time to fill their own cup. However they usually find stable and comfortable relationships that last for their lifetime. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty,
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What Makes a Gold Aura, a Gold Aura
Gold in the aura correlates to the solar plexus chakra, this chakra deals with our actions, and how we show up in the world. Gold appears often after someone has incarnated multiple times and gained high levels of energy from those incarnations. It is as if the solar plexus energy is pure in intention, and from a heightened level of action.

Those who often think they have gold, usually have bright yellow or lemon yellow, gold is one of the rarest aura colors and is about 1 in 200 people.

Get more information on The Yellow Aura, as this will help give you extra guidance on the gold aura.

Types of Gold Aura
Just like any other aura color we do see variations of how much of this color the individual has in their aura field, gold as a main aura color is incredibly rare and it is often seen as being in the lower 40% to 2% range. 

Those with a higher percentage, and their main color being gold, stand out in a crowd and people often flock to them naturally. They tend to be leaders without intending to be, often having large friends groups. These individuals shine so brightly, it is magnetic.

Personality Traits of Gold
Gold aura individuals often have incarnated over many lifetimes to receive this aura color, most of those lives being very intense. This has caused them to develop a strong moral compass, and are very passionate about what is right and what is wrong. These individuals have a natural air of confidence, direction, and intensity about them.

Their energy is often angelic in nature, and though we often think of angels as being loving and benevolent they are also warriors. Gold is that way, loving, yet intense, straight forward, and often concise.

Occasionally these individuals have royal past lives, but only a few gold aura individuals have ties to that.

Because most individuals have developed this aura color over many lifetimes, it can be helpful to do past life regressions to discover how you gained this golden aura. You can find Holly Huntty's past life regression by clicking here.

Since gold itself is a conduit, whenever it is found in the aura field it indicates a higher than average level of energy in the aura field and often boosts the individual's other aura colors. This makes them stand out in a crowd. Gold also correlates to divinity and is often seen in religious artworks. 

Career and Relationship
Those with a gold aura tend to prefer careers that have good financials and morally high alignments, they can be divinely inspired business owners, offering them control over the circumstances of the sales and where the income goes. They can be spiritual teachers, healers, occasionally doctors and nurses just to name a few. Regardless they like to be in a high energetic alignment with whatever career they choose, and the finances seem to naturally flow for them.

Relationships for gold auras often come easily, but can feel like they fall slightly short of their own energy. Aka, it's hard for them to find a perfect match. They do best with those who have true blue, emerald, or violet oftentimes, because these colors have higher moral compasses, and tend to match gold the best, this ultimately aids the golden aura individual in their spiritual quest in this lifetime. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty, click here.

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What Makes a Silver Aura, a Silver Aura
Silver auras can range from more of a medium gray tone to a light gray tone, this auras is about 1 in 600, they are incredibly rare, right next to clear auras.

Types of Silver Aura
The darker silver aura is the less common and more rare of the silver auras. Dark silver aura typically indicates someone with an intense ability to perceive the unseen and the unknown. This usually comes in the form of dreams, or strange/unique visions. These individuals would do well to take note of these visions and dreams, interpreting these visions and honoring them will strengthen their unique spiritual abilities. Just like gray/silver hair indicates old age, this aura color indicates someone who has lived many lifetimes and has an old soul.

Light Silver Aura is the most common of the silver aura shades, this aura is usually very sleek, and smooth in nature. Meaning silver aura individuals can navigate their life with great ease. This particular color, similar to silver hair indicating wisdom and old age, indicates an individual with pure energy, wisdom, and unique abilities that correspond with that.

An archetype for silver auras is Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series.

Personality Traits of Silver
Silver individuals tend to have a unique wisdom to them, and often come off a bit unorthodox at times. They often are able to see things/perceive things that others are not, and have a very mystical and magical energy that can be hard to explain.

Silver auras can often detect the most minor of energy shifts of people around them, and in the event that someone's energy is ill intending, silver aura individuals will intuitively know ahead of time. These individuals are very spiritually gifted, and are required to use their gifts for good in this lifetime. In the event that they don't, they may start to lose their abilities. 

Career and Relationship
Silver auras can be kind of introverted because of their natural gifts and talents, because of this they often do better in jobs that allow them to go at a pace that suits them best. Work from home jobs are the ideal for those with silver auras. If a silver aura individual feels comfortable/outgoing enough, they excel in spiritual work, reading tarot, astrology charts, things of that nature.

Relationships for silver aura individuals are often smooth, fluid and easy. There isn't much that silver aura individuals get hung up about, they are oftentimes so easy going that their ideal partner is also easy going and laid back. Silver aura individuals do well with those who have forest green or deep purple. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty,
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What Makes a Copper Aura, a Copper Aura
Copper auras are similar to copper itself in tonality and metaphysical energy qualities. 1 in 100 people have copper in their aura field. Copper often gets confused with burnt orange. which are in fact different colors in the aura field. 

Types of Copper Aura
Most of the time copper is seen towards the inside of the aura field, meaning it is oftentimes harder for readers to pick up on. Because copper acts as an energetic amplifier to the aura field this also means the individual's main aura color is very strong, making it difficult to detect. 

Personality Traits of Copper
Copper individuals often have a certain kind of "spark" to their energy, that others around them can't quite put their finger on. Oftentimes copper individuals tend to naturally draw others to them, and they are very magnetic. These people have the ability to change the energy in a room as soon as they enter, because of this though they need to be cognizant of the energy that they are in, because everyone around them will feel it. This can occasionally polarize other people around the copper aura to then be irritable or moody. Just like a magnet has two ends, the copper aura can either draw people in, or push them out with their energy. 

Copper itself has natural healing abilities, and just like copper those with this aura color are capable of bringing a lot of healing energy to those around them. On occasion copper can get drawn into difficult friendships or relationships because ultimately they intuitively know they have something within them that can help others. However they need to be cautious when it comes to allowing others into their energy field. Copper often needs to take time to raise their own vibration, meditation and self care routines/rituals are highly important for those with a copper aura.

Career and Relationship
Copper individuals in their careers often do quite well, as long as they are not overly self sacrificing, otherwise they can end up in a job that's quite taxing with little pay. Copper energy is very much like a kind and strong ox, they can take on a lot, however after some time they can over do it and become exhausted and run down. When it comes to career copper auras need to have a bit of a selfish perspective, or rather, rules around how much effort should produce how much financial value. If they do this, they will certainly find themselves in a well paying career with lots of growth to be offered. Copper auras are often found in many different fields of work, and seem to align to their careers mostly based on their other aura colors.

Copper auras in relationships are very similar to career, though oftentimes they can get locked into relationships that pull the energy out of them, aka energy vampires. Copper aura individuals need to have a set routine around self care. This will offer them stability in their energy field, and will ultimately bring in a partner that can match that energy. Copper auras do especially well with green auras. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty, click here.

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What Makes a Tan Aura, a Tan Aura
Tan auras are about 1 in 300, any time we get a brownish color in the aura field it is from a mixture of other colors, however tan is a lighter tone of brown and has its own unique qualities which we will cover in this article.

Personality Traits of Tan
Tan aura individuals can waiver in personality and emotions, occasionally being a little volatile. This is because they ultimately crave comfort and stability out of life, however they go through phases where they can become rebellious and destructive. Tan aura individuals tend to be hyper focused on what they want and what they don't have, so much to the point where they close off the energetic flow to what they want.

Tan aura individuals can do quite well for themselves, if they remember to prioritize their need for stability over all else. Once they do this, along with having more of an organized schedule/routine, they will find life can flow very easily and smoothly for them.

Career and Relationship
Tan aura individuals can find themselves in a wide array of careers, however the most common are hair stylist, massage therapist, baker/chef, esthetics... they do well with interior design and fashion as well.

Relationships for those with tan auras can be kind of difficult, on one hand they want someone stable and grounded to give them a sense of security, and on the other hand they want someone who is wild and free. Because of this tan aura individuals may find themselves with either a very grounded partner like most green auras, or a wild partner like most red auras. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty, click here.

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What Makes a White Aura, a White Aura
White auras often get mistaken by readers, typically a reader is seeing bright yellow (the term bright is not to be confused with neon, bright like a light) Occasionally white auras are also mistaken for crystal or clear. 

The aura color white is usually seen in 1 in 300 people. 

Personality Traits of White
The white aura can be a short term aura color, indicating someone is ill, and might be passing away soon, or that they are going through some major life changes. It is often seen in newborn babies, up until about 2 years old since they have come in from higher dimensions.  

Just like the short term indicates connection to higher realms, the long term can indicate this as well. White tends to have an angelic/ethereal energy to it, oftentimes these individuals come off as pure, and divine. Their purpose here on earth is to lift the frequency, and to help aid others by shining their light brightly for those around them. Often those with white auras are soothing to be around, those who have internal discord often find themselves uncomfortable around those who have white auras. Because of this white aura individuals may find that some are very attracted, while others seem to just stop entering into your reality around you. White auras are divinely guided and protected, these individuals would do well learning how to channel and speak with spirits. 

Career and Relationship
White auras are naturally gifted in careers that allow them to tap into higher realms, they would do quite well as energy healers, tarot readers, and spiritual teachers. However they may use their healing abilities in many different forms, writing kids books, making beautiful artworks, and so forth. White aura individuals usually do best when they are in a career that feels rewarding to them. When in alignment white aura individuals find finances come quite easily to them.

White auras usually have an easy time in relationships, however they often find themselves looking for a partner with as pure of intentions as their own. Because of this some white aura individuals prefer to be single. However when they do find a proper match they are very loving and devoted to their partner. Usually wanting a long term relationship with a deep connection. White aura individuals usually end up connecting well with all aura colors, but tend to avoid red auras, and those with deeper tones in the aura field. However it depends on what other colors the white aura individual has in their aura field. To get a compatibility reading from Holly Huntty, click here.

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