What Does Having a Yellow Aura Mean? Relationships, Career, and More.

What is the Aura?

The aura is an invisible energetic field that surrounds our physical bodies.  When you break down all matter on the physical realm, you ultimately land on energy being the source holding everything together.  The aura is round in nature or even egg shaped depending on the individual, this can also depend on if they are standing or sitting. 

The aura can change colors throughout the day, the week, or even within minutes. Although some people do regularly stay within certain colors, and hardly change. Just how we are all unique and different, so are our auras!  Oftentimes we have more than one color with our aura field, but usually there is a dominant color that stands out the most.

The energy of the aura can be seen visually or interpreted through intuition, though not all psychics can see auras. Holly Huntty is a practicing psychic and an artist that specializes in seeing and breaking down the aura of each individual person. She has done over 200 detailed aura paintings, and has applied her detailed knowledge of spirituality to these articles.

In this article we will be uncovering the magic of the Yellow aura. What it means in love, career, and more.

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Important Note:

First before jumping into this article, I want you to take a moment and think of what you associate the color yellow with in your own life.  Your own personal interpretation can lead you to deeper insight, as to what this aura color means for you. Memories with yellow in it, yellow fruit, flowers, etc. 

I would also like to mention that it is incredibly important that you only take with you what resonates, and leave what does not.

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What Does Having a Yellow Aura Mean?

Individuals with yellow/gold auras often find themselves action oriented, this color associates to the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus governs personal identity, authenticity, and freedom of choice. People with mostly yellow auras are rare. Yellow is the most fragile of colors in the color spectrum, when mixed with other colors it gets lost very quickly. Because of this, people who have yellow auras may find themselves on the more extroverted spectrum in order to hold their own in public. If the individual is on the introverted side, they may find themselves burnt out pretty quickly by social affairs. 

If you have a yellow aura it is incredibly important that you respect your energy and time. If you work on this then you will find that you are able to have sustained high energy through out the day. It is important that you note when you are experiencing dips in your energy to better understand your patterns and how to care for yourself. 

-Different Shades of Yellow-

Bright Yellow Aura: A bright yellow aura can indicate that the individual is going through a transformation of sorts, and is on their path to a new aspect of self. This aura color can also indicate a download from spirit.  If this is more of a stable color, which is rare, then it indicates someone with a light, playful personality, who has a childlike spirit and often feels a bit alienated from the adult world around them. People with this aura color make wonderful school teachers, librarians, park rangers, and adventurers/researchers. 

Lemon Yellow Aura: Individuals with this aura have a zest for life, a playful passion and drive to explore and enjoy.  People with this aura need to be careful that they don't burn out, so taking the time to learn when enough is enough for the day is very important for these individuals... Though they are like the energizer bunnies of the aura realm. These people make great interior decorators, party planners, athletes, and chefs. People with this aura may find themselves attracted to lighter foods, like fish, fruit, veggies, rice.

Mustard Yellow Aura: Mustard yellow individuals are almost always one of the more unique personality types. These individuals often differ based introverted or extroverted personality types. The introverted individuals are often more scholarly in nature, these are the type of people that are architects, gamers, writers, historians, and archeologists, though they are introverted they enjoy a close group of like minded friends. The extroverted mustard yellow individuals are often still scholarly in nature, but tend to be more showy about this. The extroverts tend to want to share their knowledge at parties, these people do well with trivia. They often find people a bit annoying, but tolerate them for their own enjoyment. This can lead people to be a bit standoffish with mustard yellow individuals. Through with that being said, this is how these individuals find their very intimate friends group.

Golden Aura: People with this aura are very rare, this aura color often denotes someone who has a high level energy, or a past life as royalty.  These people are here to shake things up, and to shift the world around us. If you are a golden aura person, you may find yourself feeling lonely at times. You have high morals, and an unwavering internal compass. Trust in your inner guidance, you are here to do great things, never doubt that. 

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Orange/Yellow Aura: People with this aura tend to be emotionally action oriented as long as they feel emotionally happy in whatever they are doing they will blossom. These people do well running non profits, runs for charity,  and even doing energy healings.  The only thing these individuals need to be careful of, is overdoing it with regards to caring too much for others around them. This can lead to burnout and emotional distress if not monitored carefully. 

Green/Yellow Aura: These individuals are very heart oriented in their work, joy and playfulness is the name of the game. They often find they have a deep love for nature, and need to spend time in it to feel recharged. These people have a natural green thumb, and often find themselves as advocates of animals and nature around them.  They make wonderful parents for kids, plants, and animals.

Brown/Yellow Aura: When brown tones are seen in the aura it often means some old repressed energy is blocking your true nature. When we see a brown/yellow color in the aura this indicates a blockage of the solar plexus chakra. Perhaps this individual is struggling with their identity, repressing aspects of self expression. They could be struggling when it comes to their career, or perhaps it's time to pick up a workout routine. The solar plexus requires a balanced physical reality, whether that's ego, body, house or career.  So if you have a brown/yellow aura, focus on the areas where you are feeling sluggish, and work on bringing playful energy into those parts of your life. As you work on this, new things will unfold very quickly. 


Yellow Aura People in Relationships...

Yellow aura individuals in relationships can be very playful, extroverted, and even. a little rambunctious at times. These individuals do best with a partner that can match that energy.  Yellow aura individuals may find themselves in many short term relationships, playfully moving from relationship to relationship, but when they find their partner they are usually very dedicated. Yellow aura individuals seek out pleasure when in relationships, and at times can fall on the needy side if not careful.  

If you have a yellow aura remember to bring the focus back to yourself if you have a tendency to get whisked away in relationships. However, if you stay self centered, you may find that you begin to drift away to new adventures. There is a fine balance to be found here for people with yellow auras.

Career Energy for People with Yellow Auras...

Individuals with yellow auras can find themselves in many different careers, it is important for these individuals to feel like they are getting the praise that they deserve. Picking a career that suits that need is very important for them. Yellow aura people can be DJ's, actors, owners of nonprofits, models, healers, and so much more. Referring to the specific colors listed above will give you more insight on careers that are best suited for your shade of yellow.