Cellular Regeneration Meditation

Cellular Regeneration Meditation

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Did you know meditating is proven to lengthen our lifespan? This meditation is designed specifically for getting you grounded in your body and resetting your cellular energy to a high vibration. 

Through this meditation you will experience deep relaxation, 

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- Options -
-Premium audio Mp3 file
-Meditation run time 50 minutes

Meditation + Training Video:
- Premium audio Mp3 file
- Meditation run time 50 minutes
- Access to the training/educational video, discussing the intention behind the meditation and how to get the most out of it. This exclusive training video gives you the tools needed in order to make the most of your cellular regeneration meditation experience. 
- BONUS meditation video link with on screen visuals to help you relax into the meditation if you struggle to keep your eyes closed during meditations. This bonus video only comes with the Meditation + Training Video package.