The Aura Colors and Their Meanings

What is the Aura?

The aura is an invisible energetic field that surrounds our physical bodies.  When you break down all matter on the physical realm, you ultimately land on energy being the source holding everything together.  The aura is round in nature or even egg shaped depending on the individual, this can also depend on if they are standing or sitting. 

The aura can change colors throughout the day, the week, or even within minutes. Although some people do regularly stay within certain colors, and hardly change. Just how we are all unique and different, so are our auras!  Oftentimes we have more than one color with our aura field, but usually there is a dominant color that stands out the most.

The energy of the aura can be seen visually or interpreted through intuition, though not all psychic/mediums can see auras. Holly Huntty is a practicing psychic and an artist that specializes in seeing and breaking down the aura of each individual person. She has done over 200 detailed aura paintings, and over 500 aura readings has applied her detailed knowledge of spirituality to these articles.

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Here is an index of the different aura colors, click these links to read more about your aura colors, or scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch Holly break down each aura color on her YouTube channel.

The Purple Aura  
Shades of purple covered in this article:
Light Purple/Pink - Lilac -Violet - Deep Purple - Indigo - Black/Purple

The Blue Aura
Shades of blue covered in this article:
Sky Blue - True Blue - Navy Blue - Teal - Indigo - Black/Dark Blue

The Green Aura
Shades of green covered in this article:
Light Green - Acid Green - Bright Green - Emerald - Forest Green - Teal - Black/Green

The Yellow Aura
Shades of yellow covered in this article:
Bright Yellow - Lemon Yellow - Mustard Yellow - Gold - Orange/Yellow - Green/Yellow - Brown/Yellow

The Orange Aura
Shades of orange covered in this article:
Bright Orange - Pale Orange, Peach - Pumpkin - Burnt Orange - Brown/Orange

The Red Aura
Shades covered in this article:
Light Red/Pink -  Candy Apple Red - Crimson - Dark Cherry Red - Purple/Red - Orange/Red - Black/Red

The Rare Aura Colors
Rainbow - Crystal/pearl - Clear - Indigo - Emerald - Gold - Silver - Copper - Tan - White

Not into reading? Don't worry, Holly has made YouTube Videos of all of the aura colors. The Aura Colors on YouTube

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